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Seminar and Training Course Possibilities

As a 9th Dan in Karate-Do and a 3rd Dan in Modern Arnis Dragonfire has been developing courses to fit the needs of the people whom she is teaching since 1974. Her extensive training both physically and psychologically have provided her with the tools to develop courses that meet the needs of the people hiring her. Dragonfire provides a safe environment in which to explore one’s fears, experiences, needs and ambitions.

If you’re interested in the possibilities for your organization, company or group, please contact Dragonfire and she’ll be happy to discuss your needs and the possibilities and to make you an offer. Click here for examples of organizations that have hired Dragonfire and the courses she taught there.

‘Prevention and Safety’ is a course designed for Psych Nursing Teams, General Nursing Teams and Security Personnel, as well as any other group of people whose physical reaction is limited by their work.

‘Anti-Rape and Sexual Assault’ is a course developed to meet both the prevention needs and the needs of victims. With the use of mental, physical and psychological tools, participants are able to develop skills to deal with all aspects of prevention and personal trauma.

‘Intercultural, Social, Physical and Mental Empowerment’ is a course jointly developed and taught by Dragonfire and Chiara Pisanu of Pisanu Consultants. Combining Pisanu’s skills as a licensed trainer and psychologist with those of Dragonfire. Together or apart, these two teachers create a safe atmosphere in which people make rapid progress in their quest for empowerment. Together they have taught city workers, non-white city workers, women’s groups, professional groups etc.

‘Martial Arts and Self-Defense Seminars’ Internationally. Since 1977 Dragonfire has been teaching interested martial arts and self-defense groups seminars with regard to all aspects of these subjects.

‘Empowerment and Safety in the Workplace’ is a course developed for people who are unable to function in a regular work situation for whatever reason, generally based on emotional, physical and psychological limits.