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Personal details

Name: Wendi Dragonfire (Dragonfire really is my surname)

Address: Weezenhof 91-119

6536 AB Nijmegen

Phone: +31 (0) 24 344 43 49

Cell phone: +31 (0) 6 53 58 14 40


Born: Milwaukee, WI, USA

Passports: USA and Netherlands


Invited to move to the Netherlands to provide information and training that was otherwise not available in Europe, by Kenau (an organization funded by the Health and Sports Ministry to teach women to teach self-defense) and by 3 independent women’s groups in Nijmegen, Amsterdam and Hamburg. While Dragonfire was providing training throughout Western Europe, she was also asked to provide teacher training and supervision to people interested in doing the same type of work.


  • – Professional Security Training ROC Cuijk/Uden (2011)
  • – Healing Touch Instructor (2006)
  • Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (2004). Training: 2001 – 2004 Healing Touch, energy-based complementary healing art
  • – Trias International Institute – Personal Development and Conflict Recognition, De-escalation and Management, USA
  • – University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, USA. Psychology (1970 – 1971)
  • – Graduated Whitefish Bay High School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1969)

Work experience

  • – International Trainer multiple day, organizer
  • – HT Instructor 2007-present
  • – HT Private Practice 2001-present
  • – Teacher Director 1984-Present, Dragonfire Dreams Unlimited Karate-Self Defense-Empowerment-Healing, Europe
  • – Teacher-Director 1974-1984 Dragonfire Dreams Unlimited Karate-Self Defense-Empowerment Institute
  • – Guest Instructor 1974-1989 Trias International Institute
  • – Teacher-Trainer 1971-74 Trias International Institute


  • – World Champion Karate, 1973 and 1977
  • Top Ten rated competitor 1971-1983
  • Undefeated in over 100 tournaments from 1971-1973
  • Holder of various and numerous titles and awards

Tournament officiating

  • Head Referee for all levels of competition (including international)
  • Trainer and Official for various events
  • Head Referee for the Gay Games 1994
  • Unity ’94 Officials trainer, international level for IAGLMA
  • Coordinator and Chief Referee Euro-Games 1996 Berlin
  • Tournament Director, Gay Games 1998

Crisis management projects

  • Founding and running a rape crisis center
  • Founding and running a battered women’s shelter
  • Founding and running of a hotline to end rape and abuse
  • Project to combat all forms of discrimination
  • – Women’s Empowerment Center
  • Social Awareness Project
  • Project to reduce the “victim mentality” among oppressed groups
  • Peoples Empowerment Program


Various and regular work translating Dutch to English

  • Written: technical, socio-political, literary, professional, educational
  • Spoken simultaneous translation: speeches, lectures, group discussions etc

Development and implementation of various courses

  • Intercultural, social, mental and Physical self-esteem/awareness/preparedness
  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Self-Defense, Karate-Do, Modern Arnis. For: Women, Children, Men, LGBT, people with different abilities, older people and people of different ethnic/racial backgrounds.
  • “Prevention and Safety”: a course for psychiatric workers designed to de-escalate potentially violent situations in order to provide a safe working environment for themselves and a safe place to heal for the clients.
  • “Social Awareness, Self-Esteem & Preparedness”: mental and physical training designed to include cultural differences and the interpretation of those differences, especially in potentially confrontational situations. E.g. hospitals, workplaces for people who cannot survive in regular job situations, Asylum Seekers’ Centers, etc.
  • University Instructor/Advisor 1974-1984 (USA): teaching, empowerment, self-defense, prevention and safety, de-escalation techniques, communication skills, assertiveness training.
  • Trainer at all Dragonfire Dreams Unlimited Summer Trainings since 1985 (about 3 per year).

Security consultant and body guard

  • Design, Training and Implementation of security for: political demonstrations protesting violence against women, nuclear proliferation, racism, homophobic legislation and attitudes, cutbacks in funding for support to people with different abilities. Various conferences, debates and news conferences where security as well as political consciousness was an issue.
  • Body guard for notable political theorists and activists including, to name a few: Jane Fonda, Andrea Dworkin and Robin Morgan.
  • Consultant, advisor and trainer to several security companies, hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, prison guards and security agents.

Computer skills

  • Word
  • CCS , Navision, Account View
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • Internet

Representative examples of organizations that have implemented a variety of my courses


Canisius Wilhelmina Ziekenhuis (Hospital) in Nijmegen

Basic self-defense against attacks that can occur: on the street: including the use of bicycles both in prevention and as an effective tool for self-defense. At work: including de-escalation and restraint techniques. At work and in one’s personal life: with patients, family, friends or acquaintances.

Psychiatric Center Nijmegen and the Psychiatric (PAAZ) unit at Canisius Wilhelmina Hospital

Prevention and safety trainings designed to meet the immediate needs of the nursing and primary care teams.

Werkvoorzieningschap Nijmegen en omgeving (WNO):

Socially oriented work for people who cannot function in normal jobs. Self esteem/awareness/preparedness with special emphasis on communication skills and physical skills for use at home, on the street and in the workplace.

FIOM in Middelburg

Intercultural, social, mental and physical self-esteem/awareness/preparedness. This course was developed by and is team-taught by Chiara Pisanu, Bureau Pisanu and Wendi Dragonfire, Dragonfire Dreams Unlimited.

The City of Nijmegen

– Empowerment courses for women

– Communication courses for city workers

These courses were developed by and team-taught by Chiara Pisanu, Bureau Pisanu and Wendi Dragonfire, Dragonfire Dreams Unlimited.

The GAON, a representative body for non-white city workers

Empowerment and multicultural communication courses.