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Healing touch

Wendi has been working with energy for more than forty years. First as a martial arts, self-defense and empowerment practitioner and teacher and as of 2001 she has added energy healing in the form of Healing Touch to her work.

Wendi has always worked toward a better society. She has been actively working on self-improvement and on making the world a better place. Wendi does her best to touch the lives of the people she knows, loves, meets in a positive way.

Healing Touch is yet another method of achieving those life goals.

What is Healing Touch?

Healing Touch is method of giving and receiving healing energy. It helps to create better balance, harmony and personal growth. This balance, harmony and growth spread like ripples on a pond.

Through Healing Touch it is possible to help ourselves and others to realize and actualize our healing abilities. Before a healing session it is important for the receiver to attach themselves to an image of health; in this way the healing process is enhanced and grows.

Janet Mentgen, the founder of Healing Touch, emphasizes: “Do the work…do the work.”  Doing the work is enough for both the healer and the person being healed.

For background information on Healing Touch, please check:

Healing Touch Treatments

A one-hour session costs €50 ($75.00 US if paid by check).

If you want more information or would like to make an appointment, please contact Wendi.

Treatments are available in Wendi’s practice room or from a distance. The effect is the same, but distance healings make it possible for people all over the world to get treatment. Just make an appointment and Wendi will tell you the details… but rest assured they do no include staying on the phone for an hour while the treatment takes place.