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Prevention and safety

Over the years, Wendi Dragonfire has developed several courses on how to prevent violence and create a safe environment in the workplace and elsewhere. Although based in part on her extensive experience in self-defense and related areas, the focus of these courses is different from that of regular self-defense courses. The focus on communication and non-violent techniques makes them especially relevant to people in work situations.

‘Prevention and Safety’ is a course designed for Psych Nursing Teams, General Nursing Teams and Security Personnel, as well as any other group of people whose physical reaction is limited by their work.

‘Anti-Rape and Sexual Assault’ is a course developed to meet both the prevention needs and the needs of victims. With the use of mental, physical and psychological tools, participants are able to develop skills to deal with all aspects of prevention and personal trauma.

‘Prevention and Safety for Security Personnel’ was developed as a training course for security workers. It focusses on de-escalation, restraint techniques, non-violent separation techniques and other tools to get the job done in the safest possible way.

If you or your organization have specific needs, please contact Dragonfire to discuss the possibilities of a tailor-made course or seminar.