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Self-defense and empowerment

Wendi Dragonfire has more than four decades of experience with self-defense and empowerment. She has taught, trained and advised a great number of people and organizations. Do you want to:

  • learn to defend yourself
  • stand up for yourself in daily life
  • expand your repertoire as an SD teacher
  • deepen your knowledge of the subject
  • give the people in your organization the communication tools they need?

Wendi Dragonfire offers a wide range of courses and seminars you can choose from. If you have specific needs, you can contact her to discuss possibilities for a course or seminar tailor-made to suit your organization.

‘Intercultural, Social, Physical and Mental Empowerment’ is a course jointly developed and taught by Dragonfire and Chiara Pisanu of Pisanu Consultants. Combining Pisanu’s skills as a licensed trainer and psychologist with those of Dragonfire. Together or apart, these two teachers create a safe atmosphere in which people make rapid progress in their quest for empowerment. Together they have taught city workers, non-white city workers, women’s groups, professional groups etc.

‘Empowerment and Safety in the Workplace’ is a course developed for people who are unable to function in a regular work situation for whatever reason, generally based on emotional, physical and psychological limits.

Self-Defense Seminars. Since 1977, Dragonfire has been teaching interested martial arts and self-defense groups international seminars with regard to all aspects of these subjects.

Inquiries and registration: Wendi Dragonfire, +31 (0)24-344 43 49,

Past seminars and weekends

  • Fri 9 – Sun 11┬áJan : winter training weekend for women of all styles and levels in De Refter
  • Fri 29 – Sun 31 Aug : summer training weekend for women of all styles and levels in De Refter
  • Sat 21 June 2014: seminar on self-defense for women: mental, verbal and physical – open to all women
  • Sat 8 March 2014: seminar on defenses against grabs and punches, plus street drills – open to all
  • Sat 12 April 2014: seminar on self-defense for women: mental, emotional and physical – open to all women
  • Sat 2 Nov 2013: seminar on defenses against threats with knives and guns, open to all
  • Sat 11 Jan 2014: seminar on effective basic technique, including practice on pads (open to all)
  • Fri 30 Aug – Sun 1 Sept 2013: self-defense weekend for women.
  • Sat 22 June 2013: basic self-defense for women, open to all women. Follow-up on 8 December, among other things.
  • Sat 25 May 2013: knife and gun seminar, open to all. Defenses against gun attacks (threatening) and knife attacks (threatening and active).
  • Sat 16 March 2013: seminar Safety in and around the house, open to all women. Strategies and techniques for use in domestic situations.
  • Sat 19 January 2013: streetfighting seminar, open to all. Basic street exercises and street sparring (safely).
  • Sat 8 December 2012: basic self-defense for women seminar, open to all women. Role plays, defenses against grabs, basic self-defense strikes and kicks.
  • Aug 31-Sept 2, 2012: Summer weekend at the Refter near Nijmegen for women of all styles and levels
  • May 12, 2012: Basic self-defense, open to all women
  • April 21, 2012: Defenses against threatening weapon attacks, open to all
  • Feb. 11, 2012: Street exercises, e.g. drunken monkey, monkey line; open to all
  • Sept. 10, 2011: Psycho-physical principles with practical exercises to emphasize the principles; open to all
  • August 26-28, 2011: women’s self-defense weekend, open to women (16+) of all levels (with Yasmina Khaldi)